INCARNATIONS: a group exhibition in CHELSEA, NYC

 Glad the I made it to the fabulous INCARNATIONS exhibition 
@Highlane Loft Gallery yesterday evening.# An exhibition of works by artists Pablo Guarderas, Lena Viddo & Maria Kreyn


"Incarnations" bring the 'trio' together in Chelsea for 4 days
(March 7th-11th) 

 The three artists share a commitment to self realization and their work is interwoven with metaphysical allusions and a desire to bypass the ephemeral and the intellectual limitations of the ever changing mind.

Pablo Guarderas
Guarderas’ images are photographically composed and he spends most of his time in the dark room as he attempts to channel the divine offering himself as a vehicle for the manifestation of something other-worldy & beyond the here and now. In his new work the focus is in depicting the nature of material existence in contrast to the spiritual world. 

Maria Kreyn

Kreyn’s contemporary Baroque paintings exude sensuality, movement and the focused energy of a timeless story spatially wrapped into a single moment. “it is about looking at the vastness of our life slowly and deeply and connecting our heart back into that exstatic and tragic shared experience.” 

Lena Viddo

Viddo’s whimsical yet disturbing canvases are allegorical commentaries which glimmer with hints of the classical and northern European Renaissance. She incarnates through the use of figuration and symbols, a response to what ails our
current state of being; the deterioration of the social contract and a rendering of the social fabric by using classical allusions and turning them on their heads. 

Fun! Transcendent! A Super Cool Experience! You should check it out @:

Highline Loft Gallery 508 W 26th St. NYC. 5th Floor

March 7-11 2013


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