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Frankie Said Relax!!!! # by Márcia Schwarz Perel

OOOOOhhhh the 80’s!!!!!  The decade I love, Sirius Radio XM has a whole channel dedicated to it!!!  My Father basically played 70’s music in the house, those eight tracks tapes that I eventually destroyed by playing with them. I appreciate the 70’s, may it be disco or rock. But the 80’s bring a special energy to me.

Let’s start saying that the music that was made from 1980 to 1990 will never fit into 90’s radio or even the 70’s. The decade I talk about right now had three branches and one thing in common.  The branches were rock (punk rock too), pop and hair bands. The one thing they had in common besides the era was that they all wore makeup and were extremely concerned with their images!!!!  Duran did, Poison did, Queen did too.  And trust me; they are sexier with makeup than without.
Rock and punk groups in the eighties were groups that were already around at the end of the seventies, and somehow they managed to sound fresher. Billy Joel had been around for a while and to me he always…

Ashley Greene’s Red Hair

Twilight’s Ashley Greene debuted new red hairthis season . The actress, who is currently promoting the last installment of The Twilight Saga series was out-and-about with friends last Saturday(October 20) in New York City.# it's bold & edgy #

"Jason Backe is working some magic on my hair at the Ted Gibson salon," the Twilight star tweeted on Friday from New York City. "It's going to be crazy and exciting."

Greene showed off her new hair and she looks F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!
# The ‘Twilight‘ actress is gearing up for a crazy few weeks of promotions! 

#GO Ashley!#GO!

by Mirella Afonso
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The Amazing Work of Luciano Fileti # just love it!

Bla NYC is in love with new pictures that Luciano Fileti shot for a Brazilian editorial last month in NY City. # Once an assistant to legendary photographer Irving Penn, today, Fileti is focus exclusively to his own commercial and artistic pursuits # His work speaks for itself & we had the pleasure of working with this great photographer on quite a few occasions # Bla is obsessed   by the creative - Brooklyn - queen - look that model Thais Oliveira (also, Brazilian) incorporated for the shoot!# so different! 
# U rock! 

by Mirella Afonso

model: Thais Oliveira FORD

Michelle Obama vs Ann Romney

The wives of the presidential candidates pulled out all the stops for the final debate — which look did you love? 

While Michelle opted for a grey dress with a lace print and, (of course), a belt to cinch in her waist, Ann wore a green dress with a floral pattern. A statement necklace and a matching belt finished off her look. Who do you think won the best dressed award at last night’s debate?

Comment below!

by Mirella Afonso
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High Strappy Boots # Trend Spring 2013

Fashion Week 2013—Designers got quite a bit strap happy this season when it came to footwear. The high boot love affair continues into Spring 2013, but with a very exciting twist. Strips and straps are buckled, snapped and tied on, creating a lot of look with just a little bulk.# Crazy, Sexy, Cool

Bla loves it!  by Mirella Afonso Images NET

The Great Pretender

Since I just talked about Live Aid, I feel like I cannot hold it any longer … I have to talk about Freddie Mercury. I have always liked Freddie and Queen. I like that they are one of the longest running Rock n Roll bands, I like their songs, I like that sometimes they would dress in drag, I like that each member of the band actually has a college/master’s degree.

FarrokhBulsara aka Freddie Mercury , was born in 1946 at the British Colony of Zanzibar. Freddie’s parents were Indian Parses; therefore they practiced the Zoroastrian religion. At around six years old, his parents moved to Bombay and sent him to an all-boys British boarding school.

After moving to England, later into his life, Freddie attended London’s Polytechnic school of arts. There is where he met band members Brian May and Roger Taylor.
Freddie fascinated me from early on. He was a show man, bringing life to every concert. His life seemed to be anything but boring.

I do not believe that even with our generation of Lady Gag…

Brasileiras de NY - One Year Celebration!

Yesterday, October 17th in New York City the group Brasileiras de NY celebrated its one year anniversary! # Celebrations were held at an incredible rooftop-veranda @ Columbus Circle # DJ Gaspar Muniz  was excellent. He vibed with the crowd so well! #  The groups' president Rafaela Rangel was irradiant and extremely happy with it all # 200 guests made it to the party # here Bla's FAV shots! # Enjoy it! images byMartha Sachser

by Mirella Afonso

TV Globo’s new soap opera, SALVE JORGE starting next week in the Americas

“The world is too dangerous to live in – not because of the people who do evil, but because of the people who sit and let it happen.” – Albert Einstein

Written by Gloria Perez, 'Salve Jorge' is the next Globo novela scheduled to start October 22, in the Americas. After Avenida Brasil's enormous success, Globo brings an amazing group of actors and remarkable history to keep up with their incredible work this year! 

# Human trafficking # Complexo do Alemao in Rio de Janeiro
# fascinating and multicultural Turkey #Love,Tradition,surprises # The myth of "Sao Jorge" representing our own every day challenges and dragons!  # anonymous warriors who seek a better life, like the protagonist Morena.

"I want to give visibility to the invisible, give voice to the voiceless" says the author Gloria Perez who tends to promote social campaigns in her work #this time, bringing as the main theme: human trafficking.# the illegal trade of human beings for the purposes of commer…

The new CHANEL N°5 film #Starring Brad Pitt.

After decades of employing actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Nicole Kidman as the face of No. 5, Chanel signed Brad Pitt as the inaugural frontman for its iconic fragrance. #  Pitt, who reportedlynabbed $7 millionfor the gig looks very ' hippie' and casual # very different from Marilyn Monroe and Nicole Kidman!
# what do you think?

by Mirella Afonso

Walt Disney is the guy!

"Se podemos sonhar, também podemos tornar nossos SONHOS realidade."

(Walt Disney)

Brazilian Banana Bonanza™ Barbie® Doll by Bob Mackie

Aside from being known as a glamorous designer for such stars as Cher and Tina Turner, Bob Mackie also designs one of a kind Barbie Dolls for Mattel. His new precious Bob Mackie Barbie® Doll is the Brazilian Banana Bonanza™ Barbie®! # Bla NYC loves it so much!!!! Our country getting more and more exposure every day! # adorable!!!

by Mirella Afonso Image NET

# Go Beyond The Cover # Dermablend makeup Viral ADD is awesome!

I think this video is Dope!!!  Zombie Boy (aka Rick Genest) covering up his tattoos by A-M-A-Z-I-N-G professional make up artists #Aluscinante!# realistically, there is no counting all of his tattoos. #Love it!

#the video is a viral ad for Dermablend makeup, whose lineup includes a “Leg and Body Tattoo Primer.”

by Kianny Silos Images NET

James Bond 50th anniversary # CHEERS!

This year the number one movie franchise of the world is turning fifty. Celebrations started in London with a James Bond experience at the Barbican. It is a unique experience showcasing the inside design and style of the Bond Saga since the 1962  Dr. No. 

What draws us to be faithful and avid followers of the longest running series in the world? I believe that is has to do with the charm and style of James Bond. I know that the Bond girls have somewhat to do with it, but these groups of man that brought to life Ian Fleming’s character, makes us coming back for more.

And that man came. I tried to avoid it for a while but halfway through Casino Royale I gave in!!! Daniel Craig is my favorite Bond!!! How about the new Bond girl? Eva Green is a perfect match for Craig. No Bond girl ever was as intelligent, had fight in her blood and was as astute.

Before Craig we had the pleasure to see other Bond agents in action. In 1954 Barry Nelson played Bond for a CBS television movie. He was a very coo…