Friday, August 5, 2011

Geova Rodrigues Enjoyed Birthday Celebration!

Last Tuesday, August 2nd, Geova Rodrigues celebrated his birthday in style.  The Brazilian Fashion designer commemorate his birthday in his own backyard in the East Village, NYC. The birthday boy was very happy and really approved his birthday cake! After he got one piece, he wanted more...haha.!!  

Geova enjoyed the company of his close friends and is currently working on a new project for fashion week (surprise!!!) Anna Levak, Joana Mendonca, Luana Costa, Bernardo Mendonca, Peter Azen, Fernanda Lacerda, Karinne Mello, Rogerio Cavalcante,Paolo Bianco, Ivete Martins all stopped by.

Geova @ his amazing back yard in the East Village,New York City.
Joana Mendonca, Geova, Luana Costa, Mirella Afonso (Bla)

Happy Birthday Geova !

Luana Costa, Joana Mendonca, Christian Benites, Bernando Mendonca, Rogerio Cavalcante, Ivete Martins,
Peter Aze, Mirella Afonso (Bla) & Geova Rodrigues.

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