Monday, September 17, 2012

Signed Mick Jagger Framed Photo in Brazil

last time Bla stopped by the Copacabana Palace in Rio, our team took a picture of this frame below: a Signed Mick Jagger Framed Photo that is placed @ the Hotel hallway of FAME # love it! The Stones are so cool! # they are like' the sexiest guys ever'# 100% FAN.

... then, doing some research about this image, we found out other great shots of Mick Jagger & Keith Richards in Brazil # their' Vacance in Rio de Janeiro' in end of 1968 first week of 1969.# Check It Out Below:

#for all The Stones Fans!

   Jornal Ultima Hora / Arquivo Público  São Paulo

Brazil, december 31 1968 (courtesy of bruno over on rocks off)


by Mirella Afonso

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