Thursday, November 29, 2012

Boy bands, girl bands and crazy screaming fans in between # by: Márcia Schwarz Perel

Coordinated outfits, synchronized moves …. The music does not have to make sense!!!

What’s better than being eleven years old and have a crush on Ricky Martin? I am from the Menudo generation (I know that they must have 100 formations) but my cousin Lea and I liked the formation that had Ray, Roy, Charlie, Robbie and Ricky, Martin that is!!! I am not ashamed of it. To me, Agua de Limon still sounds dreamy. Late weekend nights to watch the Menudo minute, records, magazines. My parents spent a fortune satisfying my desire to know everything about Menudo. Then New Kids on the Block came along, the same hype, the same craziness.


If you grew up in South America, in the 80’s, I believe that your boy band experience was richer there than here in the US. We had Domino, Menudo singing in Portuguese, Polegar, Tremendo (Argentines) and Locomia – the BEST openly gay Spanish boy band!!!!

In 1989, Britain invented Take That. They not only looked amazing but they really could sing.  Out of Take That, came Robbie Williams one of the most talented singer/songwriters of the new generation. Robbie, if by a miracle you ever come across this blog, know that I am 99% your unconditional fan.  Later the US launched 98 Degrees, BackStreet Boys, N’Sync.

Take That
BackStreet Boys
N’Sync & Michael Jackson

Girl Bands have their importance also, but in a less scale … We had Bananarama, The Go-Go’s, and The Spice Girls.  The Spice Girls took the world like no other girl band. Their revival at the London Olympic closing ceremonies was probably a hint that there is more to come from them. I honestly cannot wait.


The Spice Girls
The Go-Go’s

Some of the boys merged into acting. Mark Wahlberg is doing a great job at it. Justin Timberlake does THE BEST rendition of Beyoncé. Nick Lachey had a reality show and Joey Fatone was on Dacing with the stars. Still, they are no Menudo. There is nothing like the hype of Ricky Martin being on Broadway. NKOTB started touring again along with The Backstreet Boys. The concerts have been a success, I quite enjoy it.

Now bands like New Direction come along. I clearly do not see the appeal, but my four year old does. If I did pay attention to them, at my age, there is something wrong with me!!!

New Direction 

So whatever boy band was from your generation, keep enjoying them. If you never liked any, do not be judgmental. There is always another coming along and you might end up biting your tongue.

by: Márcia Schwarz Perel
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