Sunday, December 16, 2012

Brazilian brand OSKLEN rocking in Miami Beach

I was visiting Miami last week, and stopped by the' eco-friendly luxury Brazilian brand' store OSKLEN top check their new Spring 2013 Collection! #everything was beautiful! #sexy! #fun!

Felipe, their manager was super attentive and explained a bit about the new pieces. He said that the Designer Metsavaht described his new line as "an imagined summer day that wanders between a road trip through Pacific Coast Highway 1 and a stroll on Ipanema's sidewalk.#like: “Brazilian soul meets the California dreaming”

Oskar Metsavaht brought the beach to the brand's modern aesthetic. # the end result is neither retro nor futuristic. It is modern. #Palm tree landscapes # the usage of ecological materials—fish leather and vegetable-dyed waste silk #luxury pieces!

#the store resembles Rio and its so cool & bright! #you feel in Brazil for a moment! #there are so many awesome items & such modern vibe! You should definitely stop by next time you are around South Beach!




by Mirella Afonso
Images by BlaBlaBla NYC

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