Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bla is wild about Jimmy Q !

The  beautiful tattooed boy, Jimmy Q has been modeling for some of the coolest brands around the globe and has grabbed Bla's attention because of his amazing "inked look"! # Bla  loves guys with tattoos! # The Venice Beach native is also a professional skateboarder and tattoo artist who likes to cook dinner, watch films & stay at home as much as possible.

# his goal: " Succeed and get to the the top of everything I want to do. I strive to be the best." # that"s the way to go Jimmy!

Check it out below, Trapstar & James Quaintance's skate video entitled "True Riders never give up". James Quaintance is in his home town LA sporting the latest Trapstar riders collection.
# so cool! # JQ is signed with Select models and can't live without his skateboard! #sweeeeeeet!


by Mirella Afonso
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