Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Introducing Karina Zeviani

Her voice is soft and sweet, her stage presence is outstanding. Who said models cannot sing? Her name is Karina Zeviani, she has the looks, she has the voice and she will sweep you away to another dimension.

Ms. Zeviani, who used to play with the band Nouvelle Vague around the world, just launched her solo work named Amor Inventado. As soon as I started listening to it, I became completely infatuated with her work. 

I had the opportunity to send Ms. Zeviani some questions and she gracefully took some time to answer them for us.

MSP – I read that you music idol since childhood, has been Elis Regina. How early in life were you inspired by her work and does she still shape your creativity as an artist?

KZ – I heard Elis when I was 8 years old and she surely had the greatest impact on me. I fell in love with her, and everything about her. Her delivery, her voice, her moves, her laughter and temper. Such an incredible artist. What inspires me the most is her freedom on stage, which is one of the greatest sources I’ve ever founded.

Elis Regina     
MSP – Besides Elis, who or what inspires your creativity?

KZ – Everything that moves my emotions, that is playful and intense. Kids inspire my creativity, old people too. Colors, sunshine, long distance trips, silence, noise.

MSP – By being a former model, you know that the music played at the runway shows influences a lot of the catwalk’s experience for the designer, for the models and the spectators. Have you ever had your own music played at a fashion show? Does fashion play a part in your performances?

KZ – I actually was invited to write a soundtrack for Osklen’s fashion show with two Brazilian producers last year. It was the first time I had music I wrote played on a fashion show. It was a great experience! Such progress was so delightful that we’ve decided to go on with the project and let the band take its own path. Now our record is ready and will be released sometime soon. We call ourselves Fabrik. Fashion plays a part in my life, not only in my performances. Having worked as a model taught me dig that universe!

             Osklen Fashion Show                              

MSP – I know that the band you played with, Nouvelle Vague, got their material played on movies and on TV. To our readers that are not familiar with the band, they covered other artists’ songs throwing a twist of new wave/ pop /bossa nova. Do you base any of your new material in those experiences with Nouvelle Vague?

KZ – The answer is no. I love Nouvelle Vague and very much enjoyed singing with them. My deepest personal music references and influences and quite different though, come from another source, loads from my childhood when I had never heard any of the bands Nouvelle covered or new wave or bossa nova.

MSP – What current new artists do you enjoy listening to? And of those, have you ever have the opportunity to sing with them?

KZ – I’ve been listening to classical music for the past month … In love with Arvo Part. Also fell in love with Agnes Obel who’s got a classical background. And haven’t had a chance or tried to sing with any of them for the time being.


MSP – Amor Inventado, your new album, had what kind of inspiration?

KZ – Being alive and any kind of experience that comes with it … Trips, loves, dreams, fantasies and reality!

MSP – Do you have any plans to launch your work here in the US?

KZ – Yes I do, but I don’t know when yet. Firstly need to work the record in Brasil, then France then USA. All intended for 2013.

                   'Muda Mutante' by Karina Zeviani


Ms. Zeviani, thanks for your time and I hope this interview sparks the curiosity of our readers about you and your work. Your relevance as a Brazilian artist will only get bigger and it has been a pleasure to listen to your material and most of all, to enjoy it!!!

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By: Márcia Schwarz Perel
Creative Director: Mirella Afonso
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