Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ladies and Gentleman: My name is Robbie Williams … wake up America !!!

Crazy, outrageous, genius composer, singer, actor, and a phenomenal dancer.  Robbie Williams does not get the US praise that he deserves. Adored throughout Europe and South America, he delivers to its fans what they want: a spectacular performance.

During the 1990’s, at a mere 16 years of age, Robbie join the very successful British boy band called Take That.  Take That became so successful that they were the biggest album boy band sellers since the Beatles.  Due to personal issues (don’t all music geniuses do?), drugs and alcohol, Robbie left the band.

After that, he started a magnificent solo career while holding a tumultuous personal life. In 1996, Robbie announced to the world that he was back in business by covering George Michael’s Freedom (paradise?). In 1997, Robbie achieved the top of the British charts with the single Angels from the album entitled Life Through a Lens.  Millennium came right after and Robbie achieved success in South America and Australia. Millennium’s video was outrageous!!! Robbie went literally nude and beyond. It got censured by MTV and other music channels.

                                                           Millennium’s video

Robbie is not just into pop. He released Sing When You’re Winning and Swing When You’re Winning . They included the pop song Rock DJ but also some Frank Sinatra, a duet with Nicole Kidman ( Something Stupid), a song for the soundtrack of Finding Nemo and The Bridget Jones Diary. These albums were incredibly successful. Robbie came to stay!!! 

Escapology and Intensive Care came along and it was a world explosion except in the US. Americans seem to ignore Robbie and prove to the world their incapability to use their musical brains and listen to him.

Recently Robbie has gotten married, rejoined Take That for some gigs, became a father, promoted more his favorite sport (soccer) and released another album with an incredible concert televised around Europe.  In 2012 he sang at the opening ceremonies for the Queen’s diamond jubilee. 

 Opening ceremonies for the Queen’s diamond jubilee. 

Please, when opportunity arises, check out Take the Crown, Robbie’s new work. The song Candy has a beat and energy that you do not see around in any American radio station. Check out the old stuff: Rock DJ, Come Undone, Supreme, Feel, Sexed Up, Let me Entertain You, Karma Killer. I am sure you will love it as much as I do. The songs are straight up dark, happy, offensive, political, humorous, British, amazing!!! The Take That stuff is also great. Take a peek at Back for Good and Why Can’t I Wake Up With You.

Robbie said to his loyal fans at his last concert: “I am extremely happy to be aging with you.”  I could not be aging with any better musical partner !!!

By: Márcia Schwarz Perel

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