Monday, January 28, 2013

hip French Lucky Strike in SoHo! #crazy about it!

Lucky Strike has always been one of my favorites restaurants in the city. The food is consistently great and reliable & I just feel that LS is a perfect spot to hang out with friends and enjoy great drinks and food!

The restaurant itself is really cool, with an old school feel and mirrors everywhere # hip french cafe with beautiful wooden decor & plush leather seats 

The bar upfront is extremely fun to hang out in!
 # full with locals and a very interesting crowd, LS is the trendy SoHo hangout for a super-fun-relaxed lunch or dinner


 # in the back, a super-cozy-room with a 'bistro' atmosphere!# cool vibe & absolutely wonderful for a group of friends! The steak au poivre is one of my favorite dishes & absolutely adore the french fries! *A classic & juice option in the menu which is not huge but enough to find an option for everyone!

Chic and casual, this hip French cafe, also named by few as "little Balthazar" is the place you can always count on. Open till later than most of restaurants in the city, definitely an ideal “late-night” pit-stop to enjoy a burger and a glass of wine

 John Mayer, Claire Danes and Natlie Portman are some regulars @ this NYC classic downtown bistro!

definitely, worthy to give a try!

by Mirella Afonso
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