Thursday, February 7, 2013

David Beckham newest ad campaign for his bodywear collection for fashion retailer H&M has been released.

David Beckham has a new campaign, and he sure looks hot in it! 

The campaign was released worldwide on Feb. 6. Directed by Guy Ritchie, the short film shows Beckham as an action hero, running through Los Angeles in his boxer briefs and bedroom slippers.
Check it out below:

Beckham launched a line of undergarments and loungewear in partnership with H&M a year ago, debuting in a Super Bowl ad that featured a scantily clad Beckham in tank top, boxers and his many tattoos (below)

The 37-year-old Beckham said he's committed to this for the long haul, but is still a little startled looking up at a billboard and seeing a giant version of himself.
"No matter how many campaigns I do with H&M, I will never get used to seeing myself on billboards," he said. "It's always a surprise to me when I see them. I'm lucky to work with such great photographers and stylists, so the images are always the best they can be."

Definitely, Bla has to agree & off course, we are not going to complain, right ladies? #hahaha! #DeusGrego!

by Mirella Afonso
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