Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Magic Places: Chez Michou & Búzios _ Brazil

Hey guys! Bla has been traveling around Rio de Janeiro's coast these past days and enjoying 'tons' in Brazil. As you can imagine, we are experiencing lots of great stuff down here, & as well visiting places we are in love with since our childhood. A really special place: BúziosA really special spot in Búzios: Chez Michou Creperia

Inaugurated 26 years ago at Rua das Pedras in Buzios
 Chez Michou is definitely one of the hottest and most traditional points of Búzios. Attended by hipsters and really cool people CM is perfect for those who want a quick meal,some great/fun time & a family-friendly environment.

In 1985,some of the artists who performed at the first edition of Rock in Rio, visited Buzios to relax & 'mingle' afterwards, and, ended up, transforming Chez Michou into the celebrity hotspot that everyone wants to visit today. 

 Among the 'famous personas' who made it to CM, we have Brazilian icons Pelé & Ayrton Senna - cool, right!? but just to let you know, this amazing peninsula; Buzios was'really' popularized by legendary French movie star Brigitte Bardot in the 1960s. *She rocked the scene back then!

While she was there, Bardot reportedly fell in love with the town - so much that she stayed for months longer than she planned, and has since returned to vacation. # Bardot's statue sits along the main street of Búzios @Rua das Pedras(below) *Her outfit resembles perfectly picture above!

                                            Rua das Pedras: the main street for the night life, restaurants 

Its all magic and beautiful in Buzios. These resort town with 24,500 habitants & 69km of extension has over 20 beaches in the vicinity to be explored by you. Bla advises to plan your trip during 'off season', when is more quite and exclusive.

 Cheers to Brazil, Rio & Búzios! Vidão sempre!

by Mirella Afonso
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