Sunday, February 17, 2013

samba + fun + Rio de Janeiro = Carnaval na Sapucaí2013

Rio de Janeiro has long been regarded as the "Carnival Capital of the World". Almost everyone around the globe has heard of this event which is the result of months of preparation. 

"Cariocas"  take it very seriously and do work for months to pick themes, write the lyrics & make costumes to succeed in the Parade. This year, Bla NYC made it to the Champions Night @ The Sapucaí in RIO and got some really great images for you

 Celebrities (like Designer Christian Louboutin) & foreign visitors ( around 500,000 every year) were all over the place. 

 Juliana Paes/ Image: AG.News

 Neymar with Pedro Scooby & Luana Piovani /Image: AG.News
 Brazilian-Goddess Sabrina Sato / Image: Movimento Fixo

The floats(carros)are super elaborate and the choreographies are 'out of this world' featuring twirling 'bahianas' in round, billowing skirts, unbelievably fleet-footed 'passistas' dancing samba in flamboyant attire, entire legions of drum-thumping Che Guevaras, monsters, gigantic, functional water slides and swimming pools, homages to Photoshop, the country of name it, it's there in all its flesh-baring glory moving and shaking down the never-ending runway of Rio's scintillating Sambodromo. Below, a clever sequence from the always creative Tijuca samba school featured a float with Thor-like visigoths appearing to fall only to magically stay glued to the platform they were dancing on. 

It is very impressive how creative and beautiful schools are! Its elements and components are so content during the parade that you can feel their energy from far away!

by Mirella Afonso
Images BlaBlaBla NYC & NET

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