Saturday, April 6, 2013

Brazilian-writer-Drica Pinotti-NEW-book!

Brazilian born author Drica Pinotti has been taking the literary world by storm with her witty perception of the modern female. Bla’s own Mirella Afonso sat down with Drica to find out more about her and her new book called Antidote.

Bla – How did it all start? Were you always a writer?

Drica – I was a fashion designer for the brand C&A and through a market research for work, targeting teenagers, I found out that the information collected could fit into a novel. From that, I started writing a book called “ De menina a mulher.” ( From girl to woman). The book was a success.

Bla – The wish to become a writer started since childhood or was a feeling born later in life?

Drica – I always had a feeling and desire to write since childhood. My ex-husband, also a writer, gave me all the support on making that desire come true.

Bla – How many books have you published?

Drica – I have published fourteen books, from which eight were designed for pre-teen readers (By publishing house Rocco & Prumo).

Bla – Your latest novel is called Antidote. From where have you based the book’s ideas?

Drica – Since 2005 I have been having a love affair with the Big Apple. I wanted to write a novel that included my favorite things and spots in New York City. From that I created Amanda; a NY workaholic attorney/ Foodie/ Hypochondriac that is on a search for a modern day prince charming. Amanda is also a pro bono attorney that wants to save the planet.

Bla -  Does Amanda find her Antidote?

Drica – She self-sabotages herself a lot and has an auto destructive behavior. But it all stops when she gets bitten by her neighbor’s dog. To find out more, you have to read the book!*smiles!

Bla – Do you believe that nowadays, fairy tales have to suffer an 

Drica – Yes, I believe in updating it. "My characters lend me their voices, so I can express myself through them and pass forward my own ideas about life." finalize Drica

by the Bla girls: Mirella Afonso & Marcia Schwarz Perel
Images: Drica Pinotti

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