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Music Reality Shows #by Márcia Schwarz Perel

Music reality shows are part of our usual TV programing for quite a while.  Right now what we have on is American Idol, The X Factor, America’s Got Talent and The Voice. Those shows managed to branch out to all over the world and successfully so. I particularly grew tired of American Idol, but The Voice is still catching my attention. May it be The Voice, The Voice Brasil or 
                       The Voice Israel.

But do you remember how those shows get a start? Back in 2005, the band INXS was looking for a new lead singer. Michael Hutchence, its former lead singer had committed suicide in 1997. The show had Dave Navarro and Brooke Burk as hosts. JD Fortune was the contestant that won the competition and he did not have a glorious career with the band, ultimately getting fired for drug use. I always cheered for Mig Ayesa, an Australian contestant that also worked in We Will Rock You at London’s Theater.

                                              MiG Ayesa - Bohemian Rhapsody

JD Fortune - Money
Rock Star INXS was followed by Rock Star Supernova, where 15 contestants were looking for the spot as a vocalist at the band Supernova that included Guns and Roses former guitarist Gilby Clarck, Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee, Mettalica’s bassist Jason Newsted. Lukas Rossi was the winner and to be honest I do not remember him. Good mental block?

 Lukas Rossi - Creep (Rock Star: Supernova)

In 2007 another show came along. It was called The Next Great American Band. The judges were John Rezeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls, Sheila E and Australian Idol Ian Dickson. The Clark Brothers won and until researching for this blog, I could swear they were the Zac Brown Band. The show never passed its first season.

American Idol proved that you can compete in a TV show and get a career. Kelly Clarkson (my husband’s fave, he always denies it), Adam Lambert, Carrie Underwood. Not all of them won, but they are enjoying their fame and progressing as artists.

The Voice came as a revolutionary show. The catch was that you do not get judged by your appearance (unlike Idol), but it is solely by your voice. The judges were formed with Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton. This year Aguilera and Cee Lo are out and I am so happy with Shakira and Usher joining the show. The show is humorous, there is no bashing and the constructive criticism is always appreciated. I guess I grew tired of Simon Cowell’s antics. The songs picked by contestants do not fall into the boredom of Idol, duos are welcome to participate too. What other show would allow the geniality of Johnny Cash’s music to be displayed and even make the person who’s ignorant about his work feel drawn to it? I am still waiting for something George Michael though. 

If you are not watching The Voice, you should. If you think I have to start watching American Idol again, let me know why. For now I am sticking to what challenges my knowledge of music and entertains me, in a good constructive way.

by Márcia Schwarz Perel
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