Sunday, May 5, 2013

El Sol del Mexico #by: Márcia Schwarz Perel

My love for music transcends language and nationality. Today is Cinco de Mayo and this is the perfect opportunity to talk about El Sol del Mexico, Luis Miguel.

I am a big Luis Miguel fan, I attend every single concert of his here in NY.  This is an artist that not only can sing (and does it very well) classic boleros, but also is considered the best Latin pop artist in the Americas and in Europe.

Luis started his career at the age of eleven with the release of his first album. A success not only in Mexico, but also in Colombia, Venezuela and Spain. At the age of fifteen, he received his first Grammy Award.

Luis managed to merge from a Latin pop artist top a very successful Bolero and Mariachi singer. The release of his albums Romance and Segundo Romance went platinum in the US within three days of its release. The albums went gold and platinum into the rest of the world. In 1993 he recorded a duo with Sinatra (personally invited by Blue Eyes himself). In 1996 Luis received a star in the Walk of Fame.

His concerts are always sold out throughout the world.

His personal life is as interesting as his career. He is the one responsible for Mariah Carey’s odd behavior at MTV and then her sudden collapse. Their world wind courtship ended without her being able to handle the situation. He is a father of three children. He has a fourteen year old daughter with Stephanie Salas, toddler boys with soap opera actress Araceli Arambula and there is a speculation that his current affair (actress and model Daisy Fuentes) is pregnant. Let’s add that this is the second time he is dating Fuentes. The first was prior to Mariah Carey.

On 2012 El Sol sang at the international festival of Viña Del Marin Chile. He got paid one million dollars for his two hours performance, upgrading himself to be the best paid artist in the festival’s history.

Luis is a self-taught sommelier. He has his own brand of vintage wines. He fluently speaks besides Spanish; Italian, English and Portuguese.

I adore when he sings boleros so much that I demanded one of the bands at my wedding to learn and play La Barca exactly the same way Luis does it. I never grow tired of watching his DVD En Vivo. If you ever have a chance, do so. Expand your music horizons. This is an artist that not only paved the way for other Latin stars, but he also continues to make his fans happy with great quality of music and a work ethic that put many big names to shame.


 Feliz Cinco de Mayo !!!

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by: Márcia Schwarz Perel
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