Thursday, May 23, 2013

Biggest Brazilian on-stage-comedy-group just crashed in NYC!

Possessive love, sex schemes, blackmail and swing. All of these themes are too wide open to talk about, but the Brazilian comedy group “Os melhores do mundo” just owned with the play “Sexo, a comédia” (Sex, the comedy) showing that it’s more than possible to talk about these subjects in a very funny way. And more than that, now they are an example to other groups that is possible to throw themselves into a new public, in other country.

In Brazil, when you turn 18 you are legally an adult. And that’s exactly how many years “Os melhores do Mundo” are on the road. Is it a coincidence that they are performing this play that talks about sex, at this time? According to one of the group members, Adriano Siri, they have chosen it, because it’s one of their most known plays. This play’s awesomeness can be measured by the public’s reaction to it, as they brought the roof down laughing. “We loved the public tonight, everybody got into it and it was really great for us”, said Siri. The comedian explained that they came to New York to record their third DVD, part of the commemoration of their birthday.

They had already performed in Portugal. But this was their first time in a English-speaking country. “I’m sure that this will show to other groups that is possible to try a little scenario changing”, commented Siri.

Who also took part on the show was the comedian Diogo Portugal. He was invited to do the warm-up. As one of the precursors of the stand-up comedy in Brazil, Diogo whipped the crowd into frenzy feelings with his jokes

According to Siri, the DVD will be ready by the end of the year. And the Brazilians that live in New York will be able to buy at their website:  

The groups’ name “Os melhores do mundo” means that they are the best of the world. Now that they are performing abroad Brazil, and their play is a completely orgasm, their name is really defining its reality.

by Larissa Gomes
BlaBlaBla NYC

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