Thursday, June 27, 2013

Marisa Monte “Infinito Particular”

Yesterday, Bla had the pleasure to see Marisa Monte alive at the Beacon Theatre in New York City. As a huge fan since she started her career in the late 1980s, I ended up singing most of the lyrics during her exquisite concert and even crying at certain moment 

Marisa Monte Photograph: Leo Aversa

Marisa Monte performing at the Beacon Leo Aversa

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Marisa Monte Photograph: Leo AversaClassically trained Brazilian singer Marisa Monte has sold ten million albums worldwide and sings in the Música Popular Brasileira style, which coolly updates bossa nova and samba

Monte’s current tour is a kind of musical art gallery.  The artist brings out some great Brazilian visual artists and celebrate their work on the stage. It's magnificent!  Monte's voice is multiplied by a computer program at certain point and her body becomes the Infinity at other.  #lots of projections and crazy lighting #so many magical effects! #UmaVIAGEM

She brought in a curator to select the 16 artists and an art director, Batman Zavareze, to handle the multimedia. “Basically the concept was to use the stage as a contemporary art gallery where each song was related to a video artwork,” Zavareze said in an email to The Miami Herald Journal. “When [Monte] invited me, I was determined to use very high-tech possibilities in a very simple, poetic way.”

“Everyone uses lights and projections,” says Monte from Rio de Janeiro. “I wanted more than beauty. I wanted feeling. I wanted poetry. Something impressively different.” she has said 

Maravilhosa! Esplendorosa! Poderosa Marisa! U rock girl!

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