Monday, July 22, 2013

The Back Room #BlaMondayTips

A journey back in time. That’s the best way to describe the experience the Back Room. It’s a neat speakeasy that makes you travel back to the 1920’s. 

Even getting to the entrance is a journey. You pass a doorman and go through a gate, go down a set of stairs into a dark alleyway, then go up another flight of stairs, then you can see a big door with a peep hole and voilà! You're there.


Everything is gimmicky, from the low lighting to the booze served in teacups and mugs; and beers served in brown paper bags. The tea cups makes you feel proper sipping with your pinky out. 


This prohibition-esque vibe perfectly matches with the period-perfect décor chandeliers, tin ceilings, wallpaper and velvet paisley. “We really want people to feel in a time capsule. Here, time has stopped!”, says Pete Accurso, Back Room's manager. “It was a great work of restoration. We tried to keep everything as original as possible”.


 there is  a secret room, hidden behind a book shelf, with a bouncer guarding the door! #awesome
Monday night is the best night of the week to explore this whole world of the 20’s. With a live jazz band and swing dancers, the speakeasy becames the perfect place for get-togethers. Every monday on their facebook page they publish the password to get you through the front door.

Get your password, fasten your seatbelts and bon Voyage!

#Blarecomends Bee’s Knees,  a staple in prohibition cocktail culture, is their tuned cocktail.

by BlaBlaBla NYC PR girls
Mai Dornelles - Journalist
Mirella Afonso - Creative Director

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