Friday, July 12, 2013


New York is an old city, so of course it is also full of vintage-fun-stores around! #Walking through the city, you pass by many amazing places & 'The Family Jewels' is definitely one of them! #located in the middle of Chelsea, in a very trendy neighborhood, this amazing store has lots of unique vintage clothes and accessories in stock

'The Family Jewels' vintage-shop is the best place to shop the latest retro-style women's clothing. And once you step into the store, it is a trip into the past. From the moment you walk in, the knick-knacks make you feel like you are shopping in the 60`s.

All the pieces are one-of-a-kind fashion items. And the saleswoman, Rebecca Osrow has a really unique style as well. She just started selling there and matches perfectly with the environment! As a vintage clotches lover, she is an expert in giving awesome tips about what fits well. She is an American, but her insipration comes from the Asian culture. Rebecca has already taken a trip to Hong Kong, where she bought the shirtshe is wearing in the photo. Originally from Massachussets, she says "My friends told me this store would be perfect for me to work with and it's true. This store matches with my personal style." And BlaBlaBla agrees!

If you are walking around Chelsea, don't forget to check 'The Family Jewels'

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