Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Stop Play Moon by Márcia Schwarz Perel

I have been pretty bored by what has been playing today. Everything sounds the same, it is rare that I come across a band with visuals, talent and creativity all in the same package. I have a dear friend that has been posting some videos of this band. I once took a peek and got mesmerized by what I have seen. Stop Play Moon are not newcomers. They already have a couple of albums and they have played at Lollapalooza 2013. I contacted the lead singer, model, muse, Geanine Marques; and she was more that gracious to give me some of her time and answer my questions.

Bla – What came first: your passion for music or your passion for fashion?

GM – Without a doubt my passion for music.

Bla – Before Stop Play Moon, were you a member of any other band?

GM – Yes. I had a duo called Rex with the journalist Guto Barra, who lives in NY for many years.

Bla – Where did the name Stop Play Moon come from?

GM – Our first name was Motel. In that year’s Grammy awards, there was a Latin Band running with the same name as ours, so we decided to change the name. One day, while having some drinks together, Paulo and Ricardo came up with our recent name. It does not have any translation, but it has a good sound.

Bla – Tell us about the band’s members. Who are they, what is their part into the band and when did you guys meet?

GM – We met in 2007. At our first album we were three: Paulo Bega (photographer and music producer) that composed the bases, Ricardo Athayde (graphic designer) our drummer and myself that wrote the lyrics. Now at our second album, it is just myself and Paulo still working on the same tasks.


Bla – Who influences the band nationally and internationally?

GM – It is hard to name names. Paulo and I do not listen to the same stuff. He has the research instincts and then we trade ideas.

Bla – The sound of Stop Play Moon is dancing and seductive. The band’s visual is stunning and attractive. Was this mesh of looks and sounds previously combined as the band’s looks or is it just a mix of personalities of its members?

GM – A mix of who we are for sure, but to get to where we want to go we can count with very talented people on fashion, graphic design, videos that help us out.

Bla – Who is responsible for the band’s amazing styling?

GM – Daniel Raad, my dear friend. He works for many years with Alexandre (Herchcovitch). We met many years ago, we are greatly connected and he knows our styles very well.

Bla – Who writes the songs and why are they sang in English?

GM – I am the writer bit I cannot explain why I write in English. Maybe because of the attractive sound of the language or because of its easiness. Maybe one day they will be in Portuguese.

Bla – Can you tell us about the project “Confraria das Sedutoras”?

GM – It was an incredible project. I had the opportunity to do a few shows with the boys – Rica Amabis, Boca, Pupilo and Dengue – and the other singers of the album. It was in Portuguese, the songs were written by men and only women were the singers. Mine was called Estrondo. Total class.


Bla – What are the members of Stop Play Moon listening to today?

GM – Last week, with the cold weather and some wine, I was more inclined to listen to Julie London.

Bla – What is next for the band as far as projects and shows?

GM – We are planning a mini tour for September. If it happen it will be great. But I will tell you more about it later.

Bla – Any plans to hit the US market?

GM – After Europe, it would be great to stop by the US.

So open your horizons and look for Stop Play Moon. I pinky promise that you are going to love it as much as I do.

By: Márcia Schwarz Perel
By BlaBlaBla NYC

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