Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Aphrodisiac Blá Summer To Get You In The Mood

Blá  created this aphrodisiac-simple-drink that will make your party-of-2 much more interesting and fun. With some simple ingredients and little time + love things can get pretty 'hot' babe! Trust Us!

Step 1: buy yourself some pomegranate seeds and juice (men and women who drank it experienced a surge in the hormone testosterone, which increases sexual desire in both genders, it's been proved that the fruit is a natural aphrodisiac)

Step 2: get some champagne at the liquor store ( and vodka for your male, if he prefer hard liquor)

Step 3: get some sugar to garnish drink

Pomegranate-Ginger & Prosecco

Mix ingredients on a martine shaker, shake well, serve it chilled
#1,2,3 #done! #easy! #quick! #delicious

By definition, an aphrodisiac (named for the goddess Aphrodite) is a food, drink, or substance that increases sexual desire,so if you are ínto it, "use e abuse!"

By BlaBlaBla NYC girl
Creative Director  Mirella Afonso
BlaBlaBla NY

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