Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vogue Fashion Night 2013 T-Shirt (Paris! sniff!)

Vogue Paris have released an exclusive t-shirt in the Vogue Fashion Night Out official colors

Unfortunately this year we are not having the event in the city! (sad!)

Image: Hanah Jirickova dressed in this year's collectors edition t-shirt photographed by David Bellemere.

To get one of these super-cool-limited-designed-TOP-shirt, simply pick up a copy of September 2013 Vogue Paris - there's a t-shirt stashed in every one at selected points of sale.

By BlaBlaBla NYC girl
Creative Director  Mirella Afonso
BlaBlaBla NYC
French Vogue

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  1. Is the t-shirt available in the US. The issue hasn't arrived in the US yet. Help!!!


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