Thursday, September 12, 2013

BlaNYC PRGirl Mirella Afonso & guests @ Castelo de Caras

Yesterday Bla and guests had an amazing time at Castelo de Caras! We were invited for a private dinner at the castle accompanied by celebrities like Francisco Coco, Sérgio Marone & Daniela Mercury

Everything was luxurious! 

Dinner was served at the Castle's garden and guests walked in the red carpet listening to a violin player who was playing amazing Brazilian songs, like 'girl from Ipanema' by Vinícius de Moraes. Actually,  Bla is producing his 100th anniversary's event this year in NYC #GroupBR #CentenárioViníciusDeMoraes #nextToCome

Bla guests, like Gaspar Muniz (Vick Muniz's son), top model Fabiana SempreBom, Mariana Nery & Camila Alves attracted extra 'flashes' at the party and even got exclusive things going on!!!! #soChic #soCool! Bla loves it all!

our 'carioca' friend Leonardo Conrado felt like in paradise while hanging out with so many pretty 'gatas'

Mirella Afonso
Creative Director

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