Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Herchcovitch Spring – Summer 2014 by: Márcia Schwarz Perel

I have been busy for a while so I figured that one I start writing again, it had to be about something special. To me, supporting a friend, is a very special thing to do.  Last Saturday I had the honor to be invited by my friend Alexandre Herchcovitch to attend his NYFW show.

The show was held at MILK Studios downtown and place was booming. Usually I follow his shows done a little before for Rio or São Paulo Fashion Weeks, so I have an idea of what is coming. This time I was completely clueless and let me say that I was happily surprised.

The show’s soundtrack was by Max Blum and it set up a vibe of mystery. Models walked down the runway with a sense of sophistication and power. The collection was mostly monochromatic. Black, white and grey dominated the pieces even though there was a pop of purple pieces in between. Crepe de Chine, lace, leather and silk made the pieces flow down the catwalk. Skirts were below the knees, pants were cropped and both skirts and pants were highwaisted. It reminded me of the chic era of the 30s and 40s. The clothes were asymmetrically shaped and the fabric patterns alternated in between solid whites and blacks, delicate patterns of black and white or white and grey, pinstripes, zebra stripes throughout a piece, totally laced dresses or leather dresses with zipper hardware.

Some models wore jackets purposely glued to the shoulders and if they carried an effortlessly and sophisticated persona all together. Their shoulders peaked in between the outfit and the well-constructed jacket. Heels were extremely high, in either black or white and surprisingly, the models did not wear or carried any accessory. The hair style was simple and chic, pinned to just one side of the face, leaving one ear exposed and curls were contained on the other side.
My favorite pieces were the leather dress with a zipper across it and a purple dress that exuded class appeal.

Attendees received a Zoya Herchcovitch nail polish and lucky people like me, received sunglasses designed by Herchcovitch himself.

As usual, I had the opportunity to go backstage and congratulate Alexandre and his main guy Daniel Goncalves (remember him as a stylist for Stop Play Moon?). They had done an outstanding job that completely revealed that hard work that was put into it.

#cannot wait to see what Herchcovitch will come up for Fall – Winter 2015. For now I better concentrate on getting the pieces I loved when they hit the store.

by: Márcia Schwarz Perel
BlaBlaBla NYC
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