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Our Interview with Brazilian Model Marco Monteiro

The 21-year-old model reveals a few of his 'hot' secrets and favorites things in the world. #Hot #BrazilianMaleModel
Check it out below:

How old are you and where are you from: I'm 21 years old, I'm from Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais, Brazil

How did you sta
rt modeling: I was invited by a photographer to do a test photo shoot, then the booker Wesley Moraes (JOY models) saw the shoot and started to coach me. Rest is history!

What do you enjoy most about your profession: The opportunity to be able to get into character to promote/market/be the face of different brands/products for clients, be in many exciting places, meeting new people, experiencing variety of cultures, learning more about what the world has to offer you. And being around sexy people doesn’t hurt

What did your family think about you getting into modeling:
Blessed to have a very supportive family who encouraged me to reach my goals, dreams, my mother in particular, the best woman ever.  My closest friends and well-wishers are also family to me

Do you feel sexy for being 'Brazilian':
Haha well, I feel honored to be Brazilian, and proud to be Brazilian! When you say you are a Brazilian you automatically carry with you sexiness, passion in everything you do!  I don't know if It's in our blood, charisma, perhaps in our cute accent hahaha But Yes, I feel sexy... And some of the sexiest models are Brazilians so I have a huge responsibility to represent Brazilian sexiness!

David Gandy. Besides a gorgeous model, I watched an interview of him saying that he doesn't stop and look at him at the mirror, because he has big nose, big ears, and funny hair. After I heard that I identify myself with him, different kind of beauty that makes you unique and remarkable.

Beauty essentials: Eyes and Smile! Eyes are windows to a person’s soul! You can go deep inside someone looking through their eyes. You can win 'anything' with a sincere smile probably conquering everyone around of you, including me. hehehe

What has been your favorite job so far:
Being the new face of Nauman Piyarji , a couture handmade bespoke luxury clothing brand. It is luxury at its finest. Do you know when you wear a perfect glove on your hands? That’s how his clothes fit me, like comfortable second skin. And because he gave me all the clothes that I liked haha but because is a really an amazing new luxury brand.

What is your dream modeling job:
I have few, but have one special campaign in the end of this year, for Christmas fro
m Tommy Hilfiger. The first video campaign that I saw here, when I took the cab in NYC, I saw in the small screen and was love at first sight. Everybody in a house, having fun and celebrating. 

Perfect evening : Definitely somewhere open so I can be looking at a starry sky, with nice company, making turns looking at the stars and the person’s smile. On the beach, and also a bottle of wine wouldn’t hurt or with my friends around me, enjoying in our Brazilian way to celebrate life!

What advice would you give to aspiring models: I'll tell you what always helped me and always will help me, put God in front of all things, doesn't matter if you are winning or losing. Never let a "No" disappoint you or make you give up. The world will say “NO” a LOT, so go find your “Yes” with passion, dedication and hard work. Believing in yourself and your true potential is the key to success

If you could go back and start everything all over again, what would you do different in your life?
Oh, Can I make a list or just one? I wouldn’t change anything because my past experiences have only helped me learn and grow into the person I am toda

by Mirella Afonso
Creative Director

Thanks Marco! U Rock!

BlaBlaBlaNYC PRgirls

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  1. Great guy... Nice interview... He looks like a cool brazilian hot guy! lol


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