Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Interviewing Brazilian Singer Luis Carlinhos in New York City

I was delighted to interview singer-songwriter Luis Carlinhos at a popular NUBLU, in New York City last week.  He rock the scene while performing at his concert in the Big Apple! The Brazilian-carioca-singer talks about inspiration, idols and music (off course!)#Unique #talented #BrazilianArtist

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So, how are things going for Luis Carlinhos?
Doping well. I am celebrating 20 years of career, launching my first DVD, "Gentes 20 anos ao vivo". The project, also have a CD version and are being distributed by Sony Music, it's a selection of my main successes and 3 new songs. The plan is to tour with this album for blithe next 2 years, give or take.

First song ever sung? 
First song played, if I recall correctly was London, London, by Caetano Veloso.

Who are your musical influences?
Since I was very young I'd always listen to the Brazilian MPB and American through my mother's influence. On my teenager years, bob Marley, Steel Pulse, Peter Tosh' reggae and also Rolling Stones, Raul Seixas, Paralamas do Sucesso' rock became my first choice. Now days I listen to every genre, jazz, rock, African music, pop and specially music from my generation's musicians from Brazil. I see music as a moment, we each have our own.

Moraes Moreira is a big fan of yours and a friend, right? Tell me more about that please.
Moraes is Davi Moraes' father, whom also became famous in Brazil as a guitar player. I had the great pleasure to have a band together with him during high school's During this period, I had access to a lot of great songs. At his house I've ears of bob Marley for the first time. After school was over, Davi and I lost contact. .10 years later, when I was playing with Dread Lion, we started to reconnect, seeing each other on the music scenarios around Brazil. Recently, Moraes and Davi, both, participated in one of my concerts, and we're able to be a part and get to know better about my projects and what I have been up to. at this event,
Moraes told me that he is a big fa os the 4 Cabeça, a nice project I have on the side along with 3 other Brazilian composers. Baia, Rogê, and Gabriel Moura.
How old were you when you started getting involved in music? Do you have any advice to people who maybe sometimes feel like just throwing in the towel?
Professionally I started at 18 years old, as the lead singer for Dread Lion, some time before with a guitar private teacher and a band from school I started having my first connection with music. During the 20 year career, I tried accomplishing things as I believed and with a a lot of love. I have always wanted to get far, however I have consciousness that it is important to take every step along the way, every step on the right time. My advise is to always enjoy the process.
 by Mirella Afonso Creative Director
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