Saturday, January 18, 2014

'Travels' A Photo Exhibit by Brazilian Photographer Luiz C. Ribeiro by Mai Dornelles

Based in the New York city area Luiz C. Ribeiro covers a wide range of subjects and major national and international news.  After working as staff photographer/photo editor for 20 years at the New York Post, Luiz decided to take his work experience to new heights. The  portraits are on display at the Banco do Brasil branch located at 11 West 42nd Street in Midtown Manhattan. 

His photos have appeared in nearly every major national and international publication including USA Today, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, US News & World Report, Time Magazine, Newsweek and others.

Bla- What was your inspiration to do this exhibition?

Luiz-  My Travels basically. I would like to show everybody my travel photos so they can identify with the places and maybe travel to these countries.

Bla- How many countries do you portray in your exhibition?

Luiz- You can see here around six countries. Brazil, France, Netherlands, Costa Rica, Turkey and of course United States.

Bla- In this exhibition, which is your favorite photo?

Luiz- That’s a difficult question! I needed to choose from 18 thousands photos and now you’re asking me to choose only one?! (laughs) Well, I like that one, the child running in Paris and this one, in Arizona canyon.

Bla- And now, in what are you focusing your career on?

Luiz- I’m a freelancer, I have my own company so I’m focusing in my news projects and clients. I'm learning, I’m always learning. The career and life are a school and I keep learning. Everywhere I go for a new shooting I still learn new things. I like to portray people, see new places and experience food, smells. 

Bla wishes all the success in the world, Luiz! #Cheers#BlaAdoresYOU!

By: Mai Dornelles
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