Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Grammy Awards By: Marcia Schwarz Perel

Surprising, emotional, shocking and unpredictable. Those are the comments by viewers and critics about the 2014 Grammy Awards.

I believe that the start was a little racy for younger viewers. Beyonce and Jay Z shared alittle too much for my taste. I am still to figure out some sane meaning for all the "surfboard"  into the lyrics of Drunk in Love.

Lord is the new revelation. Yes, she is talented and she is taking the world by storm, but her act was beyond boring. Is that all she had to show? Please do not take this as me being cranky, but I believe that new artists have to prove themselves that they are entertaining and worth watching. Lord bored me.

My personal highlights were Pink ( I do not know why she repeated her AMAs act, but shes amazes me), Pharrel and Stevie (beyond cool), Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar - Kendrick is my new fave rap artist. It was intense and magnetic. I loved the vibe of that presentation; I also have to mention Katie Perry, before my daughter gets very upset with me. But the highlight of it all was Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and Madonna. Love transcends sexual orientation, race and creed.

I just could not care less about Taylor Swift - I do not understand the appeal. Do not think I forgot to mention Ringo and Paul. I am the least credited person to talk about the Beatles. By the comments of fans and experts it was an amazing moment, so I take it as being great.

What did you think about the Grammy's? Are the artists featured the ones you are listening to right now? This year the Grammy's were all about new people. Some great that are here to stay and some that will not last. To be honest, I cannot wait until some dinosaur of rock comes up with something new and takes the 2015 Grammy's by storm.                    

by Marcia Schwarz Perel

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