Saturday, April 5, 2014

" 70 things you’ll never hear a New Yorker say " is hilarious

Hahahaha! Today, I was researching + reading latest news and I came across this amazing article written by Time Out's contributors and couldn't help myself on sharing it with you:

The magazine says" If you hear someone on the streets of NYC say any of the following phrases, you know they must be from out of town. #hahahaha #forreal #Itstrue  

Time Out got amazing sentences and we love all of them!(Read HERE) but BlaNYCPRGirls' favorite one is definitely: "It was so easy to get to this show at Terminal 5!" #hahahahhaha  It #sucks to get to Terminal 5! (nightmare-type-of-after-concert-style) #kkkkk

Mirella Afonso
Images NET & Time OUT

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