Monday, April 14, 2014

#candletherapy #treat #splitends at Maria Bonita Salon & Spa

I am obsessed by old fashion beauty receipts to keep up with our beauty tasks and duties on the daily basis... There's nothing like finding out grandma's best secrets to make the skin glow and hair shine like diamonds,right? For that reason, last week I decided to to give it a try to the new hair therapy (old fashion style) that Maria Bonita Salon & Spa is now offering: The candle flame therapy (Velaterapia, in Portuguese)

Ricardo Gomes is the Brazilian guru + well trained hair expert in charge of the Velaterapia at the fancy Salon-Spa at Nolita. He is absolutely careful and confident about all the process and benefits. I asked him from where he had learned therapy and off course got: "from my grandmother in Brazil" #kkkkk

The process itself is really, really simple and there's no reason to feel afraid to it: 

step 1: Ricardo separates your hair into thin strands,

step 2: twirls your strands around, 

step 3: then use a candle to burn off protruding ends to remove the split ends.

step 4: Vualá! You, completely in love with your healthy-looking hair! #perfect 

step 5: Come on Babe Light My Fire! #hereIgo

If you would like to know more about it, contact Maria Bonita Salon and Spa at 212-431-1520 or

Mirella Afonso
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