Monday, July 14, 2014

Brazilian Comedy Queen Julia Melim in Brazil

#BlaNYCPRGirls Goodness Julia Melim performed last Friday at Brazil Live Comedy stand up show in São Paulo ( the first stand up show spoken in English in São Paulo). The show, which is an innovation project in "Terra Tupiniquins" counted on amazing Brazilian comedians who impressed tourists and students who made it to the Renaissance Theatre.

Funny stand up acts were presented by Brazilians like, Fabio Rabin, Luiz França, Mauricio Meirelles, Nil Agra, Ben Ludmer and Warley Santana.

After astonishing everyone in New York City, Julia, the "Floripa-beauty" is conquering a new territory; Brazil! Off course, Melim is continuing to tour in the USA and soon her show 'The Brazilian Hour'  will make its comeback on The Stand Comedy Club in New York City! #BlaBlaBlaNYC will keep you all posted! #laugh #love #live 

Congrats Julia! #BlalovesU

Mirella Afonso 
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  1. Astonishing people in NYC? Her show is lame and dated. I had the pleasure of working with her in NYC, and all she does is talk about herself... mainly because she realizes nobody knows who she is. She's a good flirt. The only applause you hear is skeevy guys who want to bone her.


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