Thursday, July 3, 2014

Flamingo New York talks about Brazil at The ACE Hotel last evening

#BlaNYCPrGirls had a blast last evening!! So glad to be present at such amazing panel discussion. After the Jump: Brazil Beyond the Headlines was filled with creative admirable minds sharing their knowledge about Brazil.

Guests as Albert Fishlow, Tania Cypriano, João Brandão & Fernando Cwilich Gil were part of it and made the night so much fun! Thanks Flamingo New York and Dee for inviting BlaNYC. 

It was a blast!#Loveit #FlamingoSaoPaulo

Amazing-top Brazilian brands, concepts and references were present at #FlamingoSaoPaulo special presentation, such as Havaianas, Leblon cachaça, Corolla, Os Gemeos, Oscar Niemeyer  and many more #SucessoAbsoluto



Brazilians love brands. I would get calls asking for Hard Rock tshirts- Tania Cypriano #FlamingoSaoPaulo


economic growth has created a more sophisticated consumer. If u want to stand out, you should consider this. -João Brandão #FlamingoSaoPaulo

Mirella Afonso 
Images by Mirella Afonso

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