Sunday, August 31, 2014

BR Day New York promising to impress today #30years #celebration

Yesterday, August 30th, Globo gathered Brazilian and foreign journalists to present the attractions of the 30th edition of the BR Day New York, the Brazilian Day New York’s new name. The press conference was held at Sofitel Hotel in Manhattan with the attendance of Globo’s Special Projects Director, André Dias, and the honorary chairman of the event, João de Matos. Actor Cauã Reymond, the event’s host, and this year’s performers Daniel, Carlinhos Brown and Tiago Abravanel were also in attendance and spoke to the journalists about today's performances, August 31st, on Sixth Avenue.

Event's hostess Cauã Reymond

“This is a memorable edition. This year, the annual event celebrates its 30th anniversary. It has been fully revamped and is now entirely produced by Globo. Also in 2014, Globo celebrates the 15th anniversary of its international channel. We are extremely happy and proud to be part of this historic date for BR Day,” said André Dias

André Dias

For this special edition, apart from the name change, the BR Day New York was also presented under a new scope and concept. Along with the tagline "The GreenYellow Mood", the new brand celebrates Brazilians who every year travel from across the US to be part of the celebration as it salutes Americans and those of all nationalities who identify themselves with the Brazilian spirit and its blend of spices.

Cauã Reymond, Daniel, Carlinhos Brown ,Tiago Abravanel

Scheduled to run from 12 PM until 6 PM, today, the BR Day New York will feature two main shows, with special guests. Starts 1 p.m. #ontheway #BlaNYCPRGirls #SeeU

Globo Press Gift Bag = #BlaNYCPRGirls love it!

Press Release Globo
Images Luiz C. Ribeiro - Globo

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