Thursday, April 9, 2015

Interview with Brazilian Art Talent Adriana Prado

Introduce yourself

Adriana Padro.
Brazilian Painter.
Live in Rio.
I began to incorporate drawings and art in my life since childhood.  My skills attracts my instructor's  attention since very little and  natural talent made me love painting and contemporary art. Today, I follow Pop Art and adore it. It's colorful, bright and creative.


Is it for real that you get inspiration from MAD magazine? 
Yes, that’s true. At 12 my father gave me one and since then, I am obsessed by it -  I even ended up learning to do caricatures then. Actually, Pop Art, what I do now, explores a lot that fun aspect my work.

 Any current and upcoming projects ?

Right now I'm working on the Pop Sensations in order to provide uniquely pleasurable sensations to my fans. The world needs more joy, gentleness and lightness, in my opinion. and I want to rescue these emotions through my work. Being pop is to conquer Greeks and Trojans. Michael Jackson is the "King of Pop" : everyone adores him: old people, teens, adults... it is just impossible don’t vibrate when we listen to him. That's exactly what I seek today as a professional, bring those good vibrations, overcoming differences

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by Mirella Afonso
Creative Director

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