Saturday, November 21, 2015

Off-Broadway "Relationships, An Almost Romantic Comedy" in NYC

Best and funniest NY comedians get together to talk about relationships and anything can happen, in this play by Brazilian writer and director Leandro Muniz, "Relationships, An Almost Romantic Comedy." BlaNYCPRGirls adore!

Brett Siddell and Julia Melim stand out from the cast and their generation of standup comedians with their amazing chemistry and quick exchanges that will leave you wanting to come back for more! They take us into a closer look of what relationships really are like and how the best way to deal with relationships is by laughing at them. Brett takes over the stage and gets laughs at every line in his creative and out there approach that works every time. Julia Melim has a strong female comedian presence, and plays with the audience throughout the show, first going on stage to talk about her marriage then opening up about doing a one night stand that goes wrong. She has a sharp sense of humor that brings us in, and we can't take her eyes off of her when she takes the stage and commands the audience to go along for the ride! Scott Johnson is another bright talent very consistent throughout the show in his delivery, and has some moments that catch you by surprise, coming from an improv background, he spares no energy and is a natural at delivering the jokes. Maya Klausner is another talent to watch out for, in her scene with Diego Kelman Ajuz, she shows off her personality and we're pleased and delighted to see the scene unfold when two ex lovers meet. These girls are a representation of great female comedians in the best way possible shaping up a new generation of comedy.

 It's a very strong cast that makes us feel like the material is fresh and funny, without going out of style. It makes you think but makes you laugh at the same time. It's the best kind of comedy, smart and sexy, hilarious and witty, Leandro Muniz shows why he came to Off-Broadway and showcases his work in the NY stage in a Woody Allen dialogue style at the Duplex Theatre, a stage that was graced by Woody Allen and Joan Rivers in the beginning of their careers, and now Leandro seems to be following their footsteps, after having such wide success across the board, on film, tv and theater in Brazil, now launching an international career! It's definitely a show I'd recommend and keep an eye out because I see stars in the making! They will be shining bright on the Off-Broadway and Broadway stage for many more years to come - hold on, I hear Hollywood calling! 
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by Mirella Afonso
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photo credit: Tiago Chediak  Relationships, An Almost Romantic Comedy

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