Monday, June 3, 2013

III Festa Junina 'Children Helping Children' was a hit! #LoveIT!

For the third time, Brazil Child Health & BrazilFoundation teamed up to promote their Annual Benefit Festa Junina "Children Helping Children" at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York yesterday afternoon. Proceeds from the event will be split between both organizations and will be invested in education and health initiatives for children in Brazil.

Vogue Brasil is talking about it!

The III Benefit Festa Junina "Children Helping Children" had many attractions: DJ Gaspar Muniz rocked the house, Nanny Assis and band played alive and NAGO Capoeira KILLED IT! #Thanks always guys! 

All of the festivity’s traditional dance, typical food, carnival games, crafts were 'happily-compacted' at the event! #kids having fun all over! #sons and daughters of top models like Vanessa Grecca and Tatiana Abraços were hanging out and dancing 'forró' all afternoon. 

Amazing 'cabanas' were selling Brazilians treats for A dollar at the party. #companies, like I love Polvilho, Brigadeiro Bakery, My Sweet BrigadeiroChurrascaria Plataforma' were part of this paradise! #SoGood!

Member Passes to the '11th Brazilian Film Festival of New York' were distributed exclusively to the event's guests. Many great Brazilians got their passes at our 'Arraiá' and will enjoy great movies at The Tribeca Cinemas next week. 


by Mirella Afonso
Creative Director BlaBlaBla NYC

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What is a Festa Junina?

Festa Junina (June Festival,) is an annual Brazilian celebration historically related to the European Midsummer, which takes place in June, at the beginning of the Brazilian winter. These festivities were introduced by the Portuguese during the colonial period and are celebrated nationwide. Festa Junina is particularly strong in the Northeast region of the country where the festival coincides with the end of the rain season. For residents of the arid Northeast of Brazil, the event serves as an opportunity for people to give thanks to São Jõao (St. John) for the rain. The festival celebrates rural life and features typical clothing, food and dance.

About Brazil Child Health

Brazil Child Health is a non-profit organization established in New York in 2000 that helps promoting and fundraising for Saúde Criança in Brazil whose mission is to provide assistance to children and families from Hospital da Lagoa. Saúde Criança has assisted more than 2.750 families and created the Rede Saúde Criança – a network of 25 others NGOs connected to public hospitals in Brazil.

About BrazilFoundation

BrazilFoundation is a US-based non-profit created in 2000 with the goal of generating resources for initiatives that promote social change in Brazil. In 10 years, the Foundation has raised over $17 million dollars and supported more than 300 social projects in Brazil in the areas of Education, Health, Culture, Participatory Development and Human Rights.

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